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The Satellite Solar Initiative (SSI)

We hereby declare:
1. That harvesting the power of the sun from outer space through near orbit solar collectors in real time will nourish planet earth’s energy needs while having no environmental impact.

2. That this 35-year-old technology should be developed now by the U.S. and other countries who are currently collaborating on the International Space Station.

3. That a proof-of-concept test should be scheduled and conducted publicly from the Space Station, even if such tests had been conducted secretly by the U.S. in the past as part of SDI.

4. That harvesting energy in real time directly from the sun without an atmospheric intermediary creates an energy future for planet Earth that does not discriminate based on the amount of sunlight or intensity of sunlight received at any location on Earth.

5. That Satellite Solar Power be a light-house of hope to humankind and lifeline of energy to power our planet in complete homeostasis with the Earth and all of its living creatures.

6. That Satellite Solar Power replace the geopolitical struggle for control of fossil fuels and bring about Peace on Earth and Peace in Space.



Melanie Pahlmann
with news from the growing edge of the renewable energy revolution

Melanie Pahlmann

Bill Georgevich
reporting on the war between big oil and renewable energy technology

Bill Georgevich


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Architecture 2030

The 2030 Challenge:
A global initiative stating that all new buildings and major renovations reduce their fossil-fuel consumption by 50% by 2010, incrementally increasing the reduction for new buildings to carbon neutral by 2030.
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